P-Day #12

This week for P-day i was researching many different things that will be curtail for  my p-day presentation. I started to research what we will have to do to make our food choice and what ingredients will have to be used. The traditional Chinese bread we are making is a staple food in the northern parts of China. The bread is made with milled wheat flour, water, and leavening agents. Size and texture of the bread can range from 4 centimeters to over 15 centimeters and can go from extremely fluffy and soft of hard and dense. The bread in China is traditionally called “Mantou”.  For America we are doing two dishes Philly cheesesteaks and Boston cream pie. The Philly chessesteak  is a sandwich with sliced steak and melted cheese on a long roll, it can also have typically onions or peppers on it. The steak used is most commonly a rib-eye or top round thinly cut steak. For bread it is most common to use  Amoroso or Vilotti-Pisanelli rolls. Lastly the cheese used is either Cheez Whiz, provolone, and american cheese. The next American food we are doing is Boston cream pie a cake filled with cream filling and frosted with chocolate icing. The simple pie was created at the Parker House Hotel in Boston in 1856. That is what I focused on for P-day this week!

P-Day post #11

P-day is coming closer and closer and every day and I’ve been researching my passion cooking. For passion me and the person I am doing passion day with, Ally Brunelle. Have been finagling out our last ideas and putting it set in stone what we are going to do. We have picked the foods we are doing for our three countries America, Mexico, and China. From America we are making Boston cream pie and Philly cheesesteaks. From China we are making Chinese bread. It is still undecided what we are making from Mexico yet but we are making sure all of our foods are native to each country. While we are preparing the food and getting the recipes straight we are going to get our pictures taken of our foods and us making them. The pictures will be shown at our P-day presentation though out us sharing the food with the class. The class will be spilt into three sections and some of the main ingredients of that country and the food we made is at that station along with some traditional music for each country. The herbs and spices that are used a lot in making Mexican and Chinese food will be talked about and the mixture of many different kind of things that are in american food. That is what I researched for my 90 minutes.

P-Day #10

Last week I did a total of 90 minutes of research on what I am doing.  I am doing the foods of some of the countries we have researched like South America and North America. I am doing this cooking with Ally Brunelle. From North America we will be making one of there most popular foods like s’mores, chilidogs, buffalo wings, buttermilk biscuits or something in that area of comfort food. From Southern America we will make something with seafood and maybe potatoes in it, but definitely a lot of spices because the south america cuisine uses many different spices. In our P-Day session Ally and I will be showing how to make our foods and a little back ground on it and where it is from and what part of the world. We will be showing pictures of us making our meals at home and show it during our session. For this P-Day I have been researching the most popular foods from each country and what some of the main ingredients are. This is what I have been studying for P-Day #11.

P-Day #8

Theres so much that goes into making good cupcake frosting especially for doing different pipings. If you want to pipe letters or lines you would use a thin frosting. You would use thick for a flower or something around that. You can do so much with different frostings and if you want to shape something you can use fondant or gum paste. Fondant is a thick paste made of sugar and water for decorating cakes. Piping bags or spatulas can be used to apply the frosting to the cupcakes or cake. Theres so many things that go into being able to frost the perfect cupcake!

P-Day Post 7

This week for P-day I researched cupcakes and cupcake decorating. One reason why I want to research cupcakes is because I love baking and decorating cupcakes. I like cooking and decorating things I just think it would be a perfect idea for P-day. I will demonstrate what I learned by showing everyone how to make cupcake frosting and then how to decorate your cupcakes then have the class decorate their own cupcake. 


cc courtesy of zigazou76

P-day post #6

For P-day I researched cake baking and decorating. I think I want to do that for P-day because I think I could make a really good presentation about cake baking I could show everyone how to make frosting, frost a cake, and decorate a cup cake. I think it is really interesting that different consistencies of frosting make different designs. Before you frost you cake/cupcakes you need to let your frosting cool in the fridge to get it hard and good to frost with.



P-Day Post #4

This week for P-day I researched cake baking once again. Before you frost a cake you need to let it sit in the fridge to get hard and cool. There are three different consistences of frosting a thick a medium and a thin to frosting cakes. If you want a pedal or flower than use the thickest frosting and if you want writing than use the thinnest frosting. It all depends on what you want on your cake. Next week I might want to research about cake baking again or maybe something else that has to do with baking like pancakes, breads, or any pastries. So far my progress has been going well I have learned a lot about cake baking and decorating. I think baking is what my passion is but I am not sure yet if I want to do that or if I think of another passion. I am planning on doing more research on cake decorating especially like fondant, frosting, and coloring. That is what I looked up for P-day #4.

P-Day post #3

This week for P-day I researched cake baking and cake decorating. Some things I learned were to keep the cake cooled while its waiting to be frosted. I also learned about the cake frosting tips and how to make butter cream frosting. My biggest challenge so far has been deciding what to do for passion day and what I am going to present. A question that popped into my head was how to make cake homemade and what consistency of frosting to use for different decorating tips.

P-Day #1

The first P-day I researched hair and beauty and makeup and stuff about that. I might be interested in doing my presentation on makeup and hair but I am not sure yet because it is only the first week and I could see something else interesting to do my P-day presentation on.